Morris And Co Melsetter Wallpapers

Morris and Co Melsetter Wallpapers showcases the incredible talents of May Morris, daughter of William and one of the most influential figures in English embroidery. Displaying flawless techniques and a distinctive style, May's designs earned a place in our hearts, deserving to be recognised and enjoyed. Enjoy Seasons inspired by a set of embroidered panels depicting the seasons in stitch-work now reinterpreted as a wallpaper Seasons by May features parakeets stylised roses tulips turning stems leaves and flowers amongst a mirrored trellis. Or view Brophy Trellis the design was originally a ceiling paper by Arts and Crafts designer Andrew Brophy but here the design recreated the structure of the trellis and added flowers and leaves from one of May Morris original designs. Then there is the fanciful Apple Wallpaper a lovely block print edging adds delicate detail to the design which has been redrawn and reproduced in a new range of colourways. While Middlemore is inspired by the characters on a quilt embroidered by May Morris in c.1889. Finely drawn interpretation of animals juxtapose in a fantastical way bringing a characterful charm to all creatures great and small. Morris & Co Melsetter Wallpapers features 10 beautiful wallpapers, and Melsetter shares May's commitment to her creative vision and to her father's ideals, resulting in a collection of original and reimagined designs, each with their own historical story. Buy the full range online.

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