Jacquard Fabric

Jacquards Fabric

Jacquard Fabric is a name for describing a weaving method invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard, which involves a machine attached to a loom that can electronically select and control individual warp threads. The Jacquard loom is used to create intricately woven fabrics, including brocade and damask. Silk, polyester and rayon are commonly used in the Jacquard process. Damask fabrics are typically made of silk, linen or cotton and has an elaborate, iridescent pattern woven in, and the fabric is typically woven with only one colour and is very fine. Brocade fabric is another type of Jacquard, which is heavier than damask. Brocade is thick, heavy fabric made with a Jacquard loom and a satin weave, most often featuring a raised floral pattern. Brocade is typically made from silk, rayon or nylon, and has a very oriental look. Jacquard fabrics are most often used for curtains or bespoke cushions, however on occasion it could be used for decorative light upholstery work. Computer-controlled Jacquard looms are now able to control minute movements in the weaving process with speed and efficiency therefore making the designs and colours used more elaborate and decorative. Jacquard fabrics can enhance the luxury of a room or piece of upholstery if used as a furnishing fabric or in an interior design scheme, as it will always add a high end upmarket touch. Browse our full range of Jacquard fabrics online.