Purple Cushion

Purple Cushions

Purple is a colour often associated with royalty and opulence, with lighter and more muted shades of the colour having connections to the natural world. Perfect for any room in the house, introducing a purple cushion or two could be just the finishing touch you are looking for. Purples are luxurious, feeling either warm or cool, depending on their undertones. Deeper, darker tones can be quite formal, while lighter or more muted shades give the impression of a more relaxed setting. Dark purple cushions can be a dramatic accent, deeper plums and aubergines can be mixed beautifully with grey and silver while green can be another good match. Yellow and gold are opposite purple on the colour wheel so provide a great contrast. Designer cushions can be a quick and easy way of updating a space, from a dark purple velvet to a delicate lilac silk the choice is wide. There will be a style for everyone in the bespoke cushion ranges we have at TM Interiors. What kind of patterns can you expect to find? Purple tartan and check cushions are popular, while plum floral scatter cushions will look wonderful on a bed. Velvet, velour, and chenille designs will add texture. Think about shapes too, mix a large square plain purple cushion with a small rectangular decorative cushion. Softer purple and green cushions can be easily added to a country style home, brighter more vivid shades can work for an eclectic or bohemian space. Deeper purple could be the ultimate accent for an art deco scheme. Whatever your chosen style, take a look at our luxury cushions online for your home.

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