Art Deco Lighting

Art Deco Lighting

Browse our collection of exquisite Art Deco lights perfect for completing any Art Deco interior design. Choose from Art Deco table lamps, Art Deco pendants, beautifully styled Art Deco chandeliers and Art Deco wall lights. 

The Art Deco influences from cubism and the age of technological advancement are perfectly characterized by the precise and boldly delineated geometric shapes, sleek forms in these Art Deco lights. 

True to the style, many of our designer Art Deco lamps also combine gilding and metals, such as aluminium and chrome, with glass or a confident use of colour. The collection includes a number of striking modern Art Deco bases, as well as designer wall sconces which perfectly encapsulate the Art Deco style.

The use of a metal combined with glass  columns of varying heights in the Bella Figura Miami Wall Lights have a style which is instantly recognisable as Art Deco. The slightly fanned shape of the Bella Figura New York Lamp and Metro Wall Lamp are also unmistakeably Art Deco by design. These luxury Art Deco lamps are striking and beautiful in equal measure.

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