Interior Design Style Guides


Interior Design Style Guides

Interior Design Style Guides

We asked our interior design team for some of their top tips for some of the most popular and enduring interior design styles, the result was this collection of unique design guides which we hope will provide you with just the inspiration you need to complete your look.


Modern Style Guide

A popular interior style reflecting the design movement born at the turn of the 20th century, the modern interior style – also known as mid-century modern – brings together a tasteful blend of clean, uncluttered, and sophistication. Continue reading...>

Industrial Newton Geometry Wallpaper Mind the Gap wp20046

Industrial Style Guide

Combine exposed architecture, salvaged utilitarianism, and lack of pretense, to achieve an Industrial interior design style. Read more >>

Scandinavian Bersa ii wallpaper Borastapeter 6245

Scandinavian Style Guide

Scandinavian style emerged in the 1940s and 1950s out of the Nordic nations and a desire to maximise light flowing into their homes during the long winter months. The style has an ingrained sense of cheerfulness and well-edited comfort through the white-walled-loving look that embraces clean lines and simple silhouettes. Read on >>

Contemporary Copan Wallpaper Arte 50540

Contemporary Style Guide

Contemporary design design of the moment, it has a modernist aesthetci but is not to be confused with Modern Design Style which takes its style notes from the mid-20th century. Contemporary design is constantly evolving but often  borrows elements from other design style