Orange Cushion

Orange Cushions

Warm and sociable, Orange is a colour which suggests nature and the environment around us. A lively and energetic colour orange can create a cheerful, happy ambiance. Adding pops of orange with scatter cushions can give a design scheme a real focal point. Orange can encompass a wide range of hues, from a vivid bright orange, through to deep rust and burnt oranges, and not forgetting the softer terracotta and umber shades. These are ideal choices to work with muted greens in a rustic, country styled home. Bright orange was often seen as an accent in the Art Deco period, paired with green and teal blue shades. A more modern take would be orange and grey cushions mixed with sleek minimal furniture styles. Orange patterned cushions can be purchased from our large range of designs. Look for softer shades in floral and botanical patterns, darker richer orange shades can often be found in eclectic paisley styles. Funky orange cushions can brighten and be a fun addition to children’s rooms. Texture, fabric choice and embellishment may be key to your search for orange cushions online. Plush velvet and textured chenille designs in burnt orange will add depth, embroidery on bespoke cushions creates a sense of luxury. A perfect choice for an orange bedroom cushion. A cold, north facing room can benefit from the warmth of large orange scatter cushions. Paler peach and apricot shades will help here. Whatever your décor style or choice of orange hue we are confident you will find the right cushion  online here at TM Interiors.

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