Elitis wallpaper

Elitis wallpaper

Elitis Wallpaper is something truly special. Although internationally orientated, Elitis designs still retain a very personal touch with a stunning array of designs and textured wallpapers. These collections feature some of the most breath taking contemporary wallpapers around.

Elitis present their 2015 creations for walls which delve into the arts and crafts of innovation. Wonderland brings animated images of childhood memories back to life, while their Mindoro wallpapers dig into the history of artisans with designer wallpapers in wood, bamboo and handmade papers. Libero wallpapers explore their colourful fabric effects and hammered metal which is displayed amongst their Luminescent wallpaper collection. Finally Samarcande presents two new material effects with embossed vinyl wallpaper and panoramas. Launched in 2016, the following collections explore the world of travel like Nomades, Luxury Weaving made of abaca bark, with further artisanal gestures found in Épure, while Kali takes us off again on the road. Be sure to explore!

Their 2017 editions are the coconut shell wallcoverings of Coco Shells, the Italian inspired Controvento and Talamone wallcoverings, the raw and natural Oceania Wallpapers, and the French homage on display in the range Washi. Don't forget to browse through their new creations, the Costa Verde Wallpapers, Domino, Panama and Trancosos.

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