Interior Metalwork Paints

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Browse our collection of designer and eco-friendly interior metal paints. 

Our range of designer interior metal paints range from low sheen to high gloss. We would not recommend a chalky paint finish for metal, but if the right preparation work has been made this may be an option. Preparation work is key for painting metals, it is important to apply a coat which helps the top coats to bind to the surface as well as using primers which add an element of water resistance and rust resistance.

When choosing an interior metal paint finish consider where the metalwork is located as well as the finish you would prefer. As a rule of thumb, for a harder wearing finish choose a paint with a higher gloss or sheen. If you want to draw attention to an object you may find a high gloss or high sheen interior metal paint finish preferable, the object will reflect more light the higher the paint sheen. Conversely if you want an object to blend into the background or the wall behind, for example to make central heating pipes less obvious, pick a matt paint finish, preferably matching the wall behind.