Turquoise Wallpaper

Turquoise Wallpaper

As a combination of the colour blue and a little yellow, turquoise fits between green and blue on the colour scale. The colour turquoise radiates peace, calmness and tranquillity through the blue, balance, and growth through green, with an uplifting energy from the colour of yellow.

Turquoise feature wallpaper

Turquoise Wallpaper can therefore help recharge and lift the spirits of any interior design scheme or living area and is often used as a statement or feature wallpaper. Of course, Aqua and Teal wallpapers are very similar to Turquoise wallpapers but there are noticeable and visible differences between them, and turquoise is a great colour choice for you who wish to add colour but keep the light and crisp feel to your home. With turquoise being an adventurous colour so too are the patterns not just confined to damasks and florals, the colour is often used in statement chevron wallpapers and opulent flock papers as well as luxury grasscloths. If you are considering

Turquoise wallpaper for walls

try and combine it with shades in pink or green or create contrasts with whites and gold. Experiment with pale, bright and dark colours to find the right tonal balance for your living area. The colour is not only prominent in nautical and coastal wallpaper themes but bohemian styles, and it is also seen in distinctive arts & crafts wallpaper designs from the likes of Morris and Co and Liberty.

Turquoise designer wallpaper

is not only being championed by those brands mentioned, but over recent years also a lot more wallpaper designers are experimenting with Turquoise in their designs, and we are seeing the colour adopted for plank wallpaper patterns, and it can provide a marvellous lift to classic chinoiserie designs. Explore our ranges online and available to buy at TM Interiors Limited, and at the same time we recommend samples of your favourite patterns and pin them to your wall at home. This way you will see how the light interacts with your choices and get a better understanding of what the result would be.