Rug Guides

It is worth taking time over the choice of luxury rug, a quality rug will last for years and move with you from home to home.  

Our rug guides will help you find the perfect rug, give you guidance on caring for rugs to ensure they last for years, and give you top tips for styling rooms with rugs. 

You can also shop online for rugs on our website, you can filter by style, we have Art Deco rugs, Modern Rugs, rugs for children's rooms, Scandi Rugs, Boho Rugs, in fact rugs to suit every interior design style. You can also shop for outdoor rugs, or choose rugs by pattern, we have geometric rugs, plain rugs, animal print rugs, floral rugs and much more. If you don't know where to start take a look at our rug buying guide, take a look at the latest rug collections, or alternatively just browse through our collection. 

If you need more help choosing a rug, or would like to know more about caring for a rug you have purchased from us, send us an email or give our team a call. 

Rug Guides