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Osborne and Little

Osborne & Little Wallpaper
Osborne & Little


Introduction to Osborne & Little  

Osborne & Little designs combine both classic and contemporary styles whilst taking inspiration from a wide variety of cultures, techniques and styles. It is this imaginative approach which has seen their designs remain at the forefront of interior design trends for fifty years whilst ensuring their designs always remain fresh, lively and relevant. They are one of the world's leading interior luxury design brands.


Osborne & Little Fabrics

Osborne & Little Fabric

Beautiful fabrics in Osborne & Little 's unique design style including iconic florals and timeless weaves. 

Osborne & Little Trimmings

Osborne & Little Trimmings

Wallpapers in a diverse range of colours, textures and patterns from Osborne & Little.

Osborne & Little Wallpaper

Osborne & Wallpaper

Beautiful rugs in familiar and signature Osborne & Little designs. 


"Osborne & Little cherishes its reputation for innovation and quality and is as inspired and energetic today as ever, creating a constant stream of new collections that push forward boundaries."

Osborne & Little


Osborne & Little Curtains

Osborne & Little Curtains

We can turn your favourite Osborne & Little fabric into made-to-measure curtains or blinds. If you have found the perfect fabric you can use our online curtain maker tool to try out different styles and customisations, then simply order online or call us.    

Osborne & Little Cushions

Osborne & Little Cushions

Customise your bedroom or sofa with a bespoke cushion made from Osborne & Little fabric, we can even embellish the cushion with trimmings of your choice to make a design as individual as you are. 

Osborne & Little Brand History

Osborne & Little was founded in London in 1968 and quickly went on to win recognition and awards for its hand-made wallpaper designs. It is now a celebrated British brand and one of the world’s leading names in luxury fabric and wallpaper design.

Osborne & Little have an impeccable eye for design trends and have been at the forefront of interior design for over half a century, you will find many of their designs housed in prestigious museum collections around the world including Victoria & Albert Museum, the Cooper Hewitt in New York and the Chicago Institute of Art.


Other Osborne & Little Brands


Nina Campbell

Nina Campbell

The internationally celebrated interior designer Nina Campbell has been partnering with Osborne & Little since 1989 to produce furnishings collections. 

Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson

British Fashion designer Matthew Williamson has been producing stunning wallpaper collections for Osborne & Little since 2013.



Lorca is renowned for beautiful embroideries taking inspiration from nature and the rich heritage of textiles to be found in Asia and the Far East.


Osborne & Little Latest Collections

If you are unable to visit our showroom in Peterborough to view the latest Osborne & Little collections you can browse them on our website but Osborne & Little also produce stunning online brochures which have the look and feel of printed books. 

Osborne & Little Autumn 2021 Collections Brochure

Autumn 2021 Collections Brochure

Click on the image above for a look at the Autumn 2021 Collections Osborne & Little brochure or browse the collections on our website.     

Osborne & Little Spring 2021 Brochure

Spring 2021 Collections Brochure

Click on the image above for a look at the Spring 2021 Collections Osborne & Little brochure or browse the collections on our website.



Osborne & Little Trending Products


Osborne and Little Trending Products

BrandOsborne and Little


BrandOsborne and Little


BrandOsborne and Little


BrandOsborne and Little


BrandOsborne and Little



Osborne & Little Featured Collections

Osborne & Little Empyrea Wallpaper

Empyrea Wallpaper Collection

The Empyrea wallpaper collection features panoramic views, pictorial scenes and gardens, with exotic birds, foliage and flora from real and imagined lands. It is complemented by a fabric collection and  wide-width linen collection .
Osborne & Little Cassiano Fabric Collection

Cassiano Fabric Collection

Taking its name and inspiration from the famous ski resort in the Italian Dolomites this is a stunning collection of weaves with a classic check design updated with a fresh lively colour palette .


Osborne & Little Kanoko Wallpaper Collection

Kanoko Wallpaper Collection

The Kanoko wallpaper collection takes inspiration from traditional Japanese crafts and design. The collection includes textured and geometric wallcoverings as well as panel and mural designs.


Osborne & Little Creative Flair

Osborne & Little's unique creative style isn't restricted to their fabulous wallpapers and fabrics, they are also famous for their innovative advertising campaigns. Rather than opting for a traditional room-set Osborne & Little have produced a style of advert unique to their brand by combining wit and whimsy with a hint of surprise depicting fabrics and wallpapers in unusual or surprising settings. These stunning adverts beautifully showcase the Osborne and Little fabrics and wallpapers but also give you an insight into the brand. You can check out the full collection on the Osborne & Little website but below are some of our favourites.

Osborne & Little 50th Anniversary

Spring Collection 2018

The 50th Anniversary of Osborne & Little gave rise to this fabulous celebration cake.

Osborne & Little Corniche Trimmings

Corniche Trimmings

A stunning underwater scene showcases the Corniche Trimmings collection.

Osborne & Little Onyx Wallpapers

Onyx Wallpapers

At first glance this may look like a fabric collection but closer inspection reveals the wallpapers.




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