Ralph Lauren Fabrics

Ralph Lauren Fabrics

Ralph Lauren Fabrics are of outstanding quality and enduring beauty. Emulating a refined sense of timeless luxury and character, Ralph Lauren create original pieces that focus on authenticity, quality, and craftsmanship. Whether informed by a runway collection or narrative all of its own, there is no disputing the depth of Ralph Lauren's approach to design.

His latest collections in 2015 include Signature Modern Lodge, and Signature Sure La Cote, while in 2016 latest collections include Signature Modern Glamour alongside his collection of Signature West Village fabrics all online and available to buy.

The signature series continues for Ralph Lauren Home with the launch of two new collections in 2017 which include the very blue looking Signature Elizabeth Street and the black look of Signature Black Palms Fabrics distributed by Designers Guild in the UK.

Ralph Lauren fabrics are available to buy from us, please use the online checkout or alternatively email us or give us a call.

Please note we are not permitted to supply any product from Designers Guild outside the EU.