Orla Kiely Rug

Orla Kiely rugs are built around the designers interest and passion for mid-century design. Despite the fact these rugs maybe considered as retro rug designs the brand likes to reinvent and aspire to what is new, with the colour palette evolving to build in their words modern on modernism. The ethos of the designs though are about drawing, refining and simplifying organic elements into perfect motifs that are then repeated to build rhythmic patterns in the pattern design. This is cleary evident on designs like Spot Flower and the various Stem and Multi Stem designs. The love to reinterpret organic natural shapes is reflected in the Passion Flower Rug design produced with that retro style in mind as always. The philosophy and principles remain the same, as in their approach to fabric and wallpaper designs, the integrity is ever present, and this can be viewed in the collection of fifteen different rug designs, produced and manufactured in association with Brink and Campman rugs, therefore a level of quality assured. Custom sized Orla Kiely rugs are available.