Harlequin Fabrics

Harlequin fabrics

Harlequin fabrics offer customers an impressive spectrum of products in their versatile Harlequin fabric and wallpaper collections. Inspirational designs, colours and textures utilize a fusion of flamboyance and elegance alongside contemporary and classic styles.

Recent collections are their Palmetto fabrics launched in AW2015 with 1920's Jazz influences, along with previous collections Amazilia fabrics launched in the spring of 2015 following the trend for tropical prints in vibrant colours which also included the Amazilia velvets ideal for upholstery. While they continue their successful series of Momentum fabrics. Harlequin Callista fabrics designed by Clarissa Hulse is launched in the spring of 2016, and Tressilo Fabrics by Harlequin in Autumn 2016. Fast forward to 2017 which has been a busy year for them as they launch their Style Library shop front and with it in their Harlequin Anthozoa fabric range bursting with glamorous botanicals, exotic sea plants, inky landscapes and corals. Just lately for the AW17 season they explore the world of Architectural Fashion with the Entity Fabric range a very modern and urban collection for the fashion thinking home enthusiast. In 2018 the Harlequin Zapara Fabric range is launched inspired by fashion and a love of all things eclectic. Fast forward to 2019 and the Atelier fabric range of prints, which take inspiration from the techniques used in mid-century pottery studios, is put out to the home interiors market to include designs that have a variety of shapes that combine with stylish colours, and painted glaze effects, to create a compendium of statement designs. Hamada Weaves accompanies them with a great selection of upholstery fabrics.

Buy the full range of Harlequin fabrics online along with their Harlequin rugs, and accessories. We also provide a custom made to measure curtain services for any bespoke window treatment you may need, so please allow us to quote.