Eggshell & Velvet Finish Paints

Eggshell Paint

Browse our selection of eggshell and velvet paint finishes for a soft low sheen appearance.

Velvet paint finishes offer a low sheen, they may look like a matt or flat paint when viewed straight on with a slight sheen when viewed at an angle. Suitable for wiping with a damp cloth they are slightly more washable than matt paints. Velvet finish paints can be used in low traffic areas as well as areas of higher traffic like children’s bedrooms, hallways and landings.

Eggshell paints slightly glossier than velvet finish paints but a little lower than soft sheen. They should offer a similar level of sheen to an eggshell. Eggshell paint finishes are more durable to cleaning than matt paints making them suitable for both low traffic areas like living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms and high traffic areas, like children’s bedrooms, hallways and landings.