Zinc Cushions

Zinc cushions are a smart and simple way to introduce fresh ideas and get creative in your home interiors. This range of designer cushions online includes some fantastic cool cushion designs that feature elegantly simple, plain and patterned cushions with beautiful textures and details in that refined signature city chic Zinc colour palette. They have some fantastic animal print cushions in subtle tones from the likes of the Tiger motif of the Bengal cushion, to the designs of Snow Leopard and Lynx crafted on a combination of soft velvet and faux silk. Always on trend there is a selection of Geometric designs to revamp your interior setting from the likes of the bold African inspired Kuba Clay to Phibblestown, a broken fretwork design transposed onto soft tumbled linen that displays the variation of finishes within this designer cushion range. Talking of finishes some of the designs exude luxury with their faux fur finishes such as Husky or Ermine to create soft subtle touch. If you like the modern contemporary interior design style, then surely designs like Penthouse, and Crest with an irregular pleated velvet with a highly lustrous sheen these could be great options as designer scatter cushion for sofa or chair. Abstract designs are also a great way to enliven a living space or stale sofa and chair, and with designs like Andromedia a silk-cotton weave is reminiscent of the reflective surface of the moon, with a lustrous finish and tactile quality for those who like something a little more leftfield. Fashionable designs are also included from the Houndstooth cushion design of Sartorial, the silky shaded herringbone design of Fontaine, and the classic check cushion design of Kilgour these are all immeasurably stylish modern interior design cushions. With an abundance of texture and soft neutral colour palette, this distinguished range of designer cushions is richly decorative and beautifully elegant.