Green Cushion

Green Cushions

Green is an almost universally popular colour so maybe you are searching for the perfect green cushion for your home? Green is seen as a restful and tranquil colour, the ideal way to bring the outside into your home. Often used in spaces such as offices and libraries, soft greens such as sage and olive can enhance concentration and calmness. Brighter shades such as jade, teal, and lime green can by contrast create energy and movement within a room. The designer cushion ranges that we supply at TM Interiors can cater to whichever style and ambiance you are looking to achieve. From light green cushions to dramatic dark green velvet cushions there is a style for everyone. Decorative cushions can be such an easy way to update a space and green is a colour easily mixed with other shades. Green and purple / plum sit as complementary shades and look great together, Fresh green and white cushions scream summer and despite the old saying, blue and green ‘should’ most definitely be seen together! Green patterned cushions often feature floral and foliage imagery. Also popular are green gingham and striped styles. Darker, more intense green shades often feature on geometric cushion designs. Velvet has been a key texture in interiors over the last few years, bottle green, apple green and mint green are all key shades. Large cushions in green can lift a neutral palette of grey shades while green outdoor cushions can be the perfect choice to reflect the surroundings. Vivid greens such as emerald are often key components to a stylish art deco interior style, equally a soft and muted green cushion can work wonders in a relaxed county environment. The choice is yours! Whatever your chosen style, take a look at our bespoke cushions for your home.

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