Floral Wallpaper

Feature Wall Wallpaper

Floral Wallpaper is always popular and TM Interiors Limited has a huge selection that captures the essence and beauty of nature that this style of wallpaper does. Not limited to foliage found in the UK, the floral pattern designs you will find within our selection cover everything from the classic painterly depictions of English country gardens, to the more exotic Asian inspired blooms and blossoms, to even lush tropical palm prints, while not forgetting stylised botanicals that has found inspiration from Italian renaissance art. Of course, within our library not only are the floral designs varied but the choice of proportion and scales offers up a variety to suit any room type. Combine that with a limitless choice of colour palettes and we have one of best selections online. Select from subtle neutral shades to brighter more vibrant tones colours, and tones to fit in and work with your interior colour scheme. Floral wallpapers are designed to work harmoniously in any living space, to help bring a little of the outside in, so whether you want to create a dramatic feature wall or choose a pattern to cover all your walls and bring some life to your room, floral designs are ideal. Some of these designs can add a sophisticated decorative look to a living room, or add a more feminine touch to a bedroom so whatever your objective is our floral wallpaper selection should be able to assist you in your search. Don’t forget Floral wallpapers can coordinate well with our extensive range of plain and textured papers to complete your home decor scheme.