Moire Wallpaper

embossed wallpaper

Moire Wallpaper has a distinctive design which is easily recognisable. The word moire comes from the French word for "watered". In English, it originally referred to the shimmering quality of the French moire silk. A moire pattern occurs when two or more different geometrically regular patterns are superimposed. A classic moire pattern is composed of two sets of parallel lines that are at a slight angle. The essential quality of a moire pattern is that a new pattern emerged from two existing ones. Often the new pattern seems to resonate or implies a depth not seen in the patterns individually. So, a moire pattern does not have to produced just by lines it can also be composed of circles, dots or any other repetitive pattern, consist of multiple colours, and be either moving or still. The moire look was especially popular during the Victorian era and could be found on everything from wall-coverings, to gowns, to furniture, but Moire patterns have been implemented by the Japanese and other Asian cultures for centuries, weaving fabrics and baskets with them. More recently, the French became known for their moire textiles, particularly silk scarves. Today the choice of Moire Wallpapers available are large and we supply some paper backed fabrics with the design from the likes of Dedar Amoir, as well as classic standard wallpaper rolls from the likes of Cole and Son, and Zoffany. These days you can also find some interesting textured moire wallpaper designs from the likes of Arte and Romo Black.