Porta Romana Lighting

Porta Romana often described as being designed for the world’s best interiors, this designer lighting brand began life in 1988 in a tiny London workshop. With an ambition to create beautiful and inspiring pieces that would be loved they quickly found skilled British craftspeople to create those quirky and original designs and soon became adopted by leading interior designers. This has meant the brand has continuously evolved over the following quarter century to become a leading global brand, and a critical ingredient in the world’s most beautiful houses, yachts, hotels and film sets. Designer lighting collections that are focused on crafting something beautiful and enduring which is the hallmark of each unique Porta Romana Lighting piece. Design and craftsmanship are their core values. Porta Romana design studio work closely throughout the design process, collaborating with the makers and their own painting workshop to bring our innovative designs to life which involve sculptors to ceramicists, and lacquering to glazing. With a huge variety of finishes simple metal, wood and composite is transformed and detailed to become one of our exquisite, finished pieces, and their eclectic Porta Romana style has evolved over the decades. For over 30 years Porta Romana collections have travelled to the most exciting and interesting parts of the world while maintain artistic integrity and staggering craftsmanship. Passing through the heather toned highlands of Caledonia, they have emerged into the vivid greens of an Enchanted Forest. They have moved back through time to an Elemental era, and the age of Primitivism, and broken out of our universe and into the infinity of the Cosmos. They have also given us Stillness. In materials ranging from hand-glazed ceramic, wrapped cane and woven wicker, forged, sculpted and patinated metal, every detail of proportion, scale and finish has been considered to produce works of art, destined for the world’s most beautiful interiors.