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Sanderson Rugs

Step into the world of Sanderson Rugs, a renowned brand established in 1860, celebrated for its impeccable hand-drawn designs reminiscent of picturesque English gardens. As a timeless testament to English soft furnishing craftsmanship, Sanderson has solidified its reputation on a global scale, perfectly blending classic motifs with contemporary shades to cater to modern aesthetics. This collection proudly showcases Sanderson’s iconic designs, ranging from the perennial English blooms and captivating florals to Eastern influences, intricate trails, and pronounced botanical styles. The hand-tufted Cantaloupe Rug brings forth a delightful interplay of cut & loop techniques, exuding sophistication in pure new wool. Similarly, the Stapleton Park Rug, characterized by its intricate design, is another exemplary pure wool creation. The Abstract Rug, with its distinguished brush strokes, offers a modernist take while retaining the charm of hand-tufting and pure new wool craftsmanship. Lastly, the Poppies Rug is a tribute to nature's brilliance, epitomizing Sanderson's love for hand-tufted craftsmanship in pure new wool. Every Sanderson Wool rug in this collection is not only a visual treat but also complements their historic lineage of fabrics, wallpapers, and paints. They are sure to infuse any space with warmth, elegance, and a hint of English charm. Dive into this exquisite collection and let each rug tell a tale of tradition, quality, and modernity.

Woodland Glade Rug      Robin's Wood Rug

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