Pink Wallpaper

Pink Wallpaper

Pink signifies romance, love, and friendship. It denotes feminine qualities and passiveness. While pink wallpaper is often associated with children’s wallpaper collections and ranges especially girls of course, but a light powder pink wallpaper can be considered more adult and sophisticated, and a really dark pink wallpaper can create a dramatic feature wallpaper.

Pink wallpaper for walls.

When considering this colour for your home interiors and rooms patterned wallpapers such as floral, striped, and geometric may be options because if you are worried about using too much of pink, then our recommendation would be to choose a wallcovering with a pattern that includes pinks that you can match with over furnishings in the room. The colour it still a great choice for home décor and

pink feature wallpaper

has increased in popularity because while pattern is still an option textile and pink textured wallpapers can provide further options so from subtle candy pinks which are perfect for a girl's bedroom, through to bright and sophisticated fuchsia and rose pink for the living room from top designer brands we have a wide selection of patterns including

pink geometric wallpaper

available online to buy.