Lelievre Cushions

Lelievre cushions epitomize the brand in that Maison Lelièvre, a French brand, has been running for four generations and boasts 100 years of savoir-faire, history, beauty and stunning creative design. This range of designer cushions are a timeless collection of accessories, truly exceptional yet understated. These luxury cushions are carefully crafted from their fabrics which are inspired by an eclectic and audacious world where fashion, travel, art and stunning natural textures prevail to create exclusively highly imaginative collections of high-end textiles, and modern designer cushions and accessories. The cushions collections like Evasions and Lounge are elegant and without fuss the Lelièvre team design timeless collections that we will fall in love with today and will cherish forever. Be sure to explore and buy their contemporary designer cushions online. The full range on Lelievre Cushions are online and available to buy at TM Interiors Limited.
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