Nina Campbell Wallpapers

Nina Campbell Wallpaper

Buy Nina Campbell Wallpaper online, the brand developed by the internationally renowned interior designer, ensures flexibility and practicality in both choice of colour and texture, should you look to combine any of her fabrics in schemes alongside the wallpaper ranges to furnish your home interiors.

Launched in the autumn of 2014 was the Cathay wallpaper range with as many of the designs available as matching fabrics. Prior to this was the Rosslyn wallpapers collection, in the Spring of 2014. In 2016 came the launch of her Fontibre Wallcoverings and Coromandel Wallpapers. Her appreciation of Henri Matisse and the people and places whom he was associated with inspired the collection entitled Les Reves Wallpapers. In 2018 the Nina Campbell Les Indiennes Wallpaper range got launched and the designs were inspired by the 17th and 18th century French vogue for textile designs originally produced in East India and traded via the Compagnie des Indes.

The Nina Campbell ranges, under guidance of the Osborne and Little brand, epitomise luxury with affordability. Nina's unique sense of design has developed the designer wallpaper brand towards its own distinctive colour palette, which evolves with design trends, maintaining consistency in its output of quality designer wallpaper.

Please note we are not permitted to export any product from Nina Campbell outside the EEA.