Wide-Width Wallpaper

wide width wallpaper

Wide width wallpaper in the UK is generally anything that is wider than the standard UK roll size of printed wallpaper which is a roll size of 10.05m in length by 52cm wide. Wallpapers soon started to appear in the UK 68cms wide which at the time was labelled as wide-width wallpaper. However, as the years have progressed more and more wallpaper sometimes because of the quality of the designs or the actual cost of the wallpaper have started to appear as 90cms or 1m wide. These types of wallpapers would, and still are, often sold by meter because of the cost and therefore allowing the consumer to save on wastage. That said you can now find wallpaper sold as a 10m roll by 1 meter wide even wide-width vinyl wallpaper by the likes of Arte Wallpapers and others. You can also find wide-width wallpapers that come as 130-140cms wide and these are normally bespoke or highly expensive wall-coverings that are sold by the meter or pattern repeat. Wide width wallpapers can be quite a challenge to work out how much you need so please see our guide Wide Width Wallpaper Measuring Guide, and we also have a How To Hang Wide Width Wallpaper Video courtesy of Lewis and Wood wallpapers embedded and transcribed in that page.