William Morris Wallpapers

William Morris Wallpapers by Morris & Co

William Morris wallpapers are still being produced by Morris & Co, the company formed by William Morris, a distinguished and recognised artist, from the Arts & Crafts' Movement of the 19th Century. Classic designs that were considered luxury wallpapers in their day can still be found today, such as his Honeysuckle, Acanthus and Chrysanthemum. His legacy and original William Morris designs continue to this day, as his designs are continually evolving and getting re-produced, and re-interpreted, onto wallpapers, fabric and in recent times Morris & Co rugs. Delve into past collections like the Archive series and Compendium range for the originals and timeless reinterpretations. However, at the same time explore the latest collections such as The Craftsman Wallpapers which incorporates authentic versions, alongside fresh interpretations of William Morris' original designs. Plus, The Pure Morris North Wallpaper collection which are inspired by the diary entries from William Morris’s Icelandic expedition in 1871 and is where well-loved archive designs have been carefully reworked to reflect the colours of Morris’s Icelandic Journal, but with gentle mica finishes and metallic highlights to give the range a truly modern and contemporary feel. Now the story continues with Morris and Co Melsetter Wallpapers, which showcases the incredible talents of May Morris, daughter of William and one of the most influential figures in English embroidery. The collection displays flawless techniques and a distinctive style, and May's designs may just earn a place in your heart, deserving to be recognised and enjoyed. All of William Morris wallpaper, fabric and rugs are available to purchase from TM Interiors Limited.