zoffany wallpaper

Zoffany wallpaper

Zoffany Wallpaper continues to reflect the quality, elegance and heritage of the brand itself. Their reference to historical documentation, along with the fresh and sophisticated aesthetic produces some fabulous wallpaper designs. Zoffany prodcues luxury wallpaper of real high quality printed using both traditional and cutting edge techniques, crearting some truly stunning traditional and contemporary wallpaper. Since the first collection in 1983 their ranges contain all manner of styles from stries, striped, textured plains, damasks, geometrics, florals and Toiles de Jouy wallpaper all produced in-house.

Explore such ranges as the Woodville Wallpaper collection launched with the fabric collection of same name way back in 2014 which has a real classic look with some traditional wallpaper designs, paired with a lush contemporary colour pallette. Indulge in the romance of their Tespi wallpapers. Delve further into their Prism wallcoverings for textured wallcoverings following the success of ranges like Akita and Elementi. In 2016 they launched Akaishi wallpaper range which are textural wallcoverings with a Japenese influence, and London themed Pahedra Wallpapers. Wallpanels are appearing more and more in their latest ranges including the more recent Kempshott collection. Art Deco takes center stage in the designs of The Muse collection launched in 2017 alongside their Oblique Wallaper range. In 2018 step into the world of county house living with the Darnley wallpaper range and transform your home in a revered stately style. Zoffany Rhombi Wallpapers in 2019 bridges the gap between contemporary and timeless appeal, this Vinyl wallcovering range is an opulent blend of new and archive designs, each with a time honoured, classic and sophisticated feel. The Zoffany brand keeps on giving.

Any Zoffany Wallpaper including their fabrics, paint, trimmings, and their new zoffany rugs collection can be sourced through us via your preferred method; phone, email or online checkout.