Scandi Wallpaper

Scandi Wallpaper

Browse our selection of Scandi Wallpaper online and keep the mantra of simplicity and comfort in mind and you cannot go too wrong when choosing Scandinavian inspired wallpaper. Traditional Scandinavian wallpaper designs are often based around simple botanical illustrations, animal themes and folk inspired motifs and patterns often including birds, woodlands, and flower. Which is why

Scandi Leaf Wallpaper

is a popular motif or pattern used on scandi style wallpapers, but modern designs also include clean, geometric lines that create stylised and graphic designs and with the emphasis on symmetry which can also be important for scandi wallpaper prints, which can either be small and delicate or much bolder in colour and size.

Scandi Style Wallpaper

captures the essence of the object in a clean and simple way, often enhanced by a retro or earthy colour where they form a light base for layered textiles and natural wood finishes. The designs will either focus on muted tonal colours or brighter and deeper colours that can add greater interest in the space it is being used.

Scandi Nursery Wallpaper

is often a popular choice for children’s rooms and nurseries as the inspiration from nature this style often has an adorable backdrop of woodland fauna and soft pastel tones that is the perfect pick for children’s wallpaper. So, plenty of ideas and inspirations to draw from for this style.