Interior Woodwork Paints

Interior Woodwork Paint

Browse our collection of designer and eco-friendly interior wood paints. 

Our range of designer interior wood paints range from chalky paint finishes to gloss paint finishes. Choosing the right paint finish for your interior woodwork is largely down to the type of finish you want to achieve, if you are looking to update furniture to give it a shabby-chic makeover you may want to use a chalky finish paint, but to enhance light flowing from a window you may want to choose a glossier interior wood paint to reflect more of the light. 

We also feature eco-friendly interior wood paints with lower VOCs, acrylic paints in place of traditional oil paints, and interior wood paints with  vegetable oil and other sustainable oil paints. Matt finish interior wood paints are more likely to be oil free, whilst glossier paints are likely to contain oil but acrylic bases are available too. 

As a general principle you may want to choose higher sheen interior woodwork paints for high moisture areas, higher traffic areas, or areas which need greater cleaning. This is because glossier paints tend to be easier to clean and more water resistant. In addition to the interior wood paints it is possible to use any of our exterior wood paints on interior woodwork, these are likely to have even higher water and dirt resistance than interior woodwork paints.