Black Wallpaper

Black Wallpaper

While the colour black is symbolic of glamour and elegance it can also have negative connotations such as its association with death, evil, and mystery. Black wallpaper however can help give the feeling of perspective and depth when used correctly in-home décor, and can be considered very formal, and elegant. Monochromatic colour schemes use black and white and has done for hundreds of years, black became more popular in design schemes in England in the 1920’s.

Black Designer Wallpaper

has progressed considerably in recent years, modern wallpaper designs accent with naturally luminous colours such as gold, lime, orange. Knowing black absorbs more light than any other colours luxury wallpapers introduce subtle textured and metallic highlights to provide vitality and energy.

Black Wallpaper for Walls

is a great way to provide any interior space some contrast and definition and provide a dramatic impact whether a pure black wallpaper or design with accent colours mentioned above. Geometric, striped and floral wallpaper are always options in this natural colour, but glitter wallpaper is also an alternative way to introduce the colour into a scheme and with a mica or mother of pearl surface finishes it adds a touch of glamour and luxury.

Matte Black Wallpaper

as highlighted can add definition to an interior space and black and white provide maximum visual contrast but other colour pairings should be considered natural colours such as sand and taupe provide a more informal note when paired with black. Luxury textured wallpapers with textile finishes such as velvet can often be used in cinema rooms or bedrooms.