White Wallpaper

White Wallpaper

The colour white is a blank canvas, and so from delicate ivory shades to brilliant pure whites our selection of white wallpapers can help you create an interior of classic style and elegance.

White Wallpaper for Walls

is a confident approach to home decorating, white is associated with luxury and was a popular colour for interiors in the glamorous 1930s and the Art Deco period and as it can give a feeling of spaciousness, freshness and coolness to a room white bedroom wallpaper is a popular choice. Using a white wallpaper is possible in other rooms or in a monochrome scheme, but light-deprived rooms where it can turn dim or flat different surface finishes such as flock wallpaper or textured can add greater interest and depth both in terms of look and feel. Many designs of black and white wallpaper are often paired together in illustrative patterns, and photographic scenes for a timeless minimalist look.

White Designer Wallpaper

often expands on this classic look of black and white with exceptional geometric or damask designs that incorporate metallic highlights or embossed textured and white vinyl wallpapers that lift the room while still maintaining balance.

Plain White Wallpaper

still has its merits though a using a white wallpaper as a backdrop to a more colourful interior scheme can help lift the room especially if the finish has a slight shimmer as many of our selection of luxury wallpapers do. White wallpaper looks stunning with touches of a strong accent colour such as red, orange, or navy blue but use these sparingly in a predominantly white scheme, one accent colour is often enough as too many different colours can look overbearing. Explore our designer wallpaper ranges online and available to buy.