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Thibaut Fabrics

Thibaut Fabrics, with a legacy since 1886, is renowned for its exquisite, high-quality fabrics, wallcoverings, and furnishings, meticulously crafted to weave luxury and elegance into every design. Thibaut’s collections are a fusion of classic and contemporary, with vibrant colors, rich textures, and diverse patterns, from florals and damasks to stripes and plaids. Whether it’s the soft allure of velvets or the rugged charm of wovens, each piece is designed to elevate interiors with a touch of sophistication and a flair of artistic expression, making it a go-to choice for designers seeking to create bespoke, luxurious spaces with a unique identity. Fabric samples are available to buy online, and should you need any made to measure curtains, then please don't hesitate to use our custom made curtain service using our own in-house workroom with over 35 years’ experience. Request a quote.

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