Orange Wallpaper

Orange Wallpaper

The effect of orange wallpaper is that, as the colour itself is a secondary colour that combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow, it is often associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics.

Orange Feature Wallpaper

is often used to catch attention and highlight the most important elements of your design or home decor scheme, so it can often be found as an accent colour in modern wallpaper designs in either contemporary or nautical interior design styles, but also as a main colour choice in bohemian interior design schemes, and retro inspired wallpaper designs. Orange wallpaper makes for an inspired feature wall, the right shade of orange wallpaper will add a sense of brightness and freshness to the room providing the backdrop for your colour scheme.

Orange Designer Wallpaper

in our collections explore the use of different tones and hues which range from burnt and fiery bright orange wallpapers, such as the fabulous Dunes wallpaper from Arte, to dark and even neon orange wallpapers, such as the vibrant Shang wallpaper from Thibaut. Orange is often used as a pop of colour within a striped or plaid wallpaper pattern but also as a completely different colour option in botanical and tropical wallpaper designs. From tangerine bright, through to dusky terracotta, and onto burnt orange wallpaper shades there are plenty of different hues and tones to explore, which are often combined with colours such as black, grey, and blue to add further variation to patterns.

Orange Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric wallpaper is an in-demand pattern in this colour, and within luxury wallpaper the pattern is often enhanced with metallic effects or textural qualities printed on silk, grasscloth or textile wallcoverings, but other patterns like floral, damask, and tartan wallpapers are found in this vibrant hue. For a truly luxurious wallpaper why not shop for orange fabric wallpapser such as the wonderful orange velvet wallpaper, Tetra from Arte. Invigorate your interior design style and home interior with this large and energetic selection of luxury designer wallcoverings online.