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The largest collection so far Zimmer and Rohde Heritage Wallpapers combines metallic colour accents, structured surfaces and inspiration from abstract painting, making use of high-quality digital printing, traditional craftsmanship and exquisite materials. Take Atlas Wall a collage of different kinds of gem surfaces makes this wall covering look like a diffused mountain panorama. Digital printing enhances the visual effect of the varied cut-stone shapes set against a shimmery opal background to feed your visual imagination. The stunning Paradiso Wall Wallpaper takes you on a journey into the heart of the jungle. Leaves in varying shapes and sizes overlap to create a lavish, expressive motif. Perfectly hand-painted in a watercolour style, this emotive design thrills with expressive shades. While the Surface Wallpaper design is a thrilling combination of the natural world and the modern. Its natural tree bark-like motif is emphasised by multi-layered, nuanced colours that give this wall covering the look of a flaking patina. The Zimmer + Rohde Heritage wallpapers features ten different designs to uplift your home interior scheme.