Sanderson Glasshouse Wallpaper

Searching for Botanical wallpapers that capture the exquisite detail of botanical drawing with also tropical theme, then discover the Sanderson Glasshouse Wallpapers range, which features eleven wallpapers, each respectfully designed to showcase the undeniable beauty of the original plant or flower. Inspired by the idea of flowers contained in glass, for the collector or just to display, these designs may breathe life into your home if chosen for your walls. Fernery, a beautifully illustrated wallpaper that displays diverse and characterful leaf shapes and fragile fronds, which was inspired by the nineteenth century craze for fern collecting and the drawings in subsequent botanist's publications. Or King Protea which showcases the majestic flowerheads of the plant of the same name, its design faithfully interpreted and recoloured to create this stunning statement wallpaper, it was inspired by an original Sanderson archive document. The collection has a tropical feel to it with Bird of Paradise which is a lush design from the Sanderson archive that has been painted with pencil and watercolour in a more botanical style whilst retaining its key elements of sharing a bird’s eye view of the jungle canopy surrounded by orchids, foliage, and feathers to great effect. Fan Palm also adds some more tropical foliage into the collection to creates an elegant silhouette shape with fine line work bringing a subtle textural look, a useable wallpaper with a bold motif pattern, for a variety of living spaces. As is Palm House where opaque inks and a hand blocked look give an almost layered appearance to again another tropical paper design as if the palms are brought to life and gently swaying in the breeze. To round it off the charming animal wallpaper design of Ringtailed Lemur where a cheeky looking Lemur motif looks on with surprise attached to a branch with leaves. These eleven designs capture the spirit of the botanical interior theme with subtle textural looks that meet with silhouetted shapes and touches of metallic highlights, while tropical tones such as Rhodera and Eucalyptus meet with Blush and Aqua to name a few to bring each design to life and add character to the Glasshouse Wallpaper collection.

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