Sanderson Wallpaper

Sanderson wallpapers are celebrating 160 years to date since The Arthur Sanderson had the idea, and began a business in 1860, of importing and selling wallpaper. The latest One Sixty Wallpaper range houses famous florals and countryside inspired motifs reimagined into a distinctive colour palette, a celebration of iconic designs, and the fact it is 160 years since Mr Sanderson from a showroom in London’s Soho Square began selling and becoming noticed for his unique style of wallpaper. In more recent years the Sanderson Wallpaper brand has continued to be a go to choice for interior designers and homeowners when choosing to decorate or wallpaper their homes, due to the timeless and refined styles of the designs and the fact they continue to bring some old wallpaper patterns to life with fresh and modern interpretations. Some of the most popular designs over the years has been Dandelion Clocks a fun and funky retro design, the best ever Sanderson design now available on a range of home accessories. Another Sanderson Vintage Wallpaper design is Sanderson Swallows Wallpaper from the 1930’s showing a flock of slender swallows soaring through the open sky it has been included again in the latest One Sixty Wallpaper collection, so its popularity remains current. The watercolour design of Woodland Chorus is also popular to date with its realistic depiction of favourite British birds subtly perched on a delightful tree branch the design if you were not aware was inspired by an 18th century painting of plants and animals reimagined into a bestseller for Sanderson, and great option for anyone looking for bird wallpaper. There are plenty of designs to choose from within the portfolio of wallcoverings, in a myriad of different colour choices, all in the classic Sanderson colour palette, so we are pleased the brand has continued its success since the 1860’s, and in 2021 we wish it well for another 160 years and on.