Romo Black Edition Mizumi Fabric

Romo Black Mizumi Fabrics
Romo Black Mizumi fabrics through a harmonious collaboration with Japanese artist, Katsutoshi Yuasa, have embarked on an exploration of time-honoured Japanese printmaking practises where traditional and contemporary techniques intertwine to create ten different designs in quite an abstract looking collection. The designs are created using an array of digital images curated from his own camera, where Katsutoshi creates and crafts intricate woodcut prints methodically crafted with small carving tools. Once complete, he uses an entirely manual printing method to create his artwork. The self-titled Mizumi available in two colour options presented on a beautiful pure linen depicts a breath-taking landscape scene, a continual pictorial panorama offers a dramatic, large scale interpretation of one of his original woodblock prints. With an abundance of texture and depth, Mitoku depicts a snowy woodland on an intricate jacquard weave, in a striking monochrome design, while Kensu captures a woodland scene, playing with perspective and scale where the subtly suggesting textural branches, in this dramatic design are printed on a luxurious jacquard velvet with metallic highlights. So, explore the abstract stories and landscapes from Katsutoshi Yuasa's collection in this Romo Black Edition Mizumi Fabrics which are reimagined in a rich anthology of luxury fabrics, that sees colourful, contemporary designs embodied with textural sensation adorn opulent velvets, sophisticated linens and indulgent jacquard weaves.

Please also note we are not permitted to export any of The Romo Groups products outside the EU.
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