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Latest Collections: Zafaro   Ikulu    Nuala

The Romo Black Edition fabric label has allowed Romo fabrics to develop, and be more experimental with different fabric qualities and techniques. Exclusively designed fabrics and wallcoverings that blend sophisticated textures, innovative weaving techniques and artisan effects with a visionary colour palette.

The label has produced a number of collections to date with everything from luxurious velvets and silks, to digitally printed and embroidered linens, nice wide width sheers, and semi plain weaves. Romo Black Edition Fabrics are positioned towards the luxury end of the market and sit alongside other contemporaries like Dedar, Zimmer and Rohde, Elitis, and Pierre Frey for exuberance. Collections in 2015 included Kansai and Zenith Weaves, and after a brief hiatus they launch new collections in 2017 Herbaria, Kaleido and Zkara. New collections for 2021 are Zafaro, full of colourful printed and woven fabrics that radiate energy and movement including the luxurious geometric Matiko fabric, Nuala, a collection bursting with rich velvets and lavish satin with an abundance of texture and tactility, and Ikulu, full of decorative weaves with a textural delight for upholstery.

The label has already won some accolades with Elle Decor awarding Romo Back Jessica Zoob Big Smile with the Best British Pattern award in 2014. With one collection due out each year the brand ensures each launch sustains the quality of the last.