Romo Black Edition Hinoki Fabric

Romo Black Edition Hinoki Fabrics
Discover Romo Black Hinoki Fabric collection of decorative sheers and weaves with an artful balance of colour and texture is displayed in this serene collection of elegant sheers and lightweight fabrics. Structured effects created by innovative weaving techniques form intricate shadows and unique qualities, inspired by the artwork of Japanese artist, Katsutoshi Yuasa. Selecting from this range will surely allow you to create some enchanting sheer curtains for example the Hinoki fabric loosely depicting a treescape, creates a perfect balance of matt and shine creates subtle textural effects, emphasised by elegant combinations of colour. Yasani on the other hand is finely woven with a mix of yarns, presenting a graduating stripe design on a transparent ground. While Katsura Sheer is more densely covered at the base of the drape, slowly dispersing towards the top with increasing transparency to create quite a unique and lustrous sheer. This statement, multi-coloured print features an intriguing devoré technique which graduates along the cloth and is designed to be hung from the selvedge. The ten designs featured in the Romo Black Edition Hinoki Fabric all come paired-back palette and glistening metallic highlights, to make them enchantingly beautiful, and a great selection to look at when searching for sheer curtain fabric online.

Please also note we are not permitted to export any of The Romo Groups products outside the EU.
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