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Morris Pure North Fabrics

The Pure Morris North collection is a showcase of masterful embroideries, prints, and weaves crafted with precision and top-notch techniques. This collection reimagines well-loved archive designs with hues inspired by the Nordic outdoors, a nod to William Morriss 1871 expedition. Experience calming neutrals and dramatic shades, capturing the essence of the Icelandic culture and landscape. Also, discover the Morris Pure North Wallpaper and Kindred Weave collections.

Morris Pure North Fabrics
Morris Pure North Fabrics
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Morris and Co Morris Pure North Fabrics
Morris and Co fabrics latest Pure Morris North collection, is an awe-inspiring collection of embroideries, prints and weaves, made using the finest fabrics and showcasing world-class embroidery and printing techniques. With six embroideries to die for that bring these iconic designs to life, with many developed using a new and exciting mix of dye and embroidery techniques, such as the Morris and Co Pure Bramble Embroidery, where the leaves are uniquely created to give a soft outline to the design, and the stem is in a smart viscose yarn accompanied by cotton flowers and berries in a twisted metallic yarn. Or the Honeysuckle & Tulip Embroidery Fabric which has been interpreted in a new way, and the tulips have been appliqued in a velvet with a sheen to highlight the flowers in the design to great effect. Five prints and two weaves complete the make up of the Pure Morris North Fabric range, where intricate embellishments nestle alongside chunky textures, evocative of Icelandic landscape and culture. Buy the full range online.