Harlequin Momentum 11 Fabric

Harlequin Momentum 11 Fabrics
Close up interpretations of organic forms diffuse against smooth lines in Momentum 11 from Harlequin fabrics, an upholstery collection where architectural elements and the subtleties of nature entwine to provide a striking, glamourous contrast. Microscopic close ups of rock formations and tidal patterns are given a luxurious twist, coloured to represent the tones and hues of the natural world. Take Pythagorum which is an almost cubist inspired geometric pattern that consists of interlocking and overlapping shapes and lines that form a geometric faceted pattern, a bold architecturally inspired printed design on lush velvet fabric. Irradiant is also a striking design from the range with its jacquard velvet triangle that melds to create tall diamonds on a woven striped base cloth. A fine collection of upholstery fabrics, which can be used alongside all previous Momentum launches, delicate softness juxtaposes against architecturally inspired statement designs, aligning Momentum with the beauty of nature and the ordered structure of geometric shapes.
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