Harlequin Fauvisimo Fabric

Harlequin Fauvisimo Fabrics Collection
Harlequin fabrics Fauvisimo is a stunning collection of fabrics, inspired by the vibrant colours and bold brushstrokes of the early 20th Century Fauvist art movement. Its prints, liberated interpretation of the beauty and intensity of colour found in nature, features British birds, flowers and landscapes. The powerful colour palette is combined with the layering of rich, contrasting tones and develops warmth and energy against the cooler backdrop of natural cloth. The collection includes embroideries, jacquards, weaves and prints. It is simply impossible not to fall in love with the stunning Floreale Fabric, a design that features overblown peonies, foxgloves and foliage and is digitally printed in three strikingly confident colourways. Part of the same collection are the lovely Persico pattern, a glorious representation of British birds perched on branches, embroidered onto a natural ground and the Perisco Fabric, an enchanting representation of British birds, digitally-printed onto a delicate voile. View also the beautiful Pennello, intricately stitched papery poppies, embroidered onto a natural clot or any of the abstract prints of the collection, the Flux, Setola or Chroma Fabrics. Buy Fauvisimo fabrics online at TM Interiors and add ebullience and character to your home decor and any interior scheme.
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