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Clarke and Clarke William Morris Fabrics

Step into the world of the Arts & Crafts movement with the William Morris Fabric Designs collection, an offering by the renowned Clarke and Clarke. This anthology rejuvenates the timeless designs of the esteemed poet, environmentalist, and prolific designer, William Morris./span>

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The William Morris Designs collection respects over 160 years of rich heritage, blending unique floral compositions with intricate craftsmanship. Each thread unfolds the compelling story of William Morris, infusing an enduring charm into any décor. Four exceptional designs from this collection particularly stand out - Golden Lily, Acanthus, Mallow, and Strawberry Thief. Each design embodies Morris's vision with true fidelity and captivating allure. Golden Lily fascinates the observer with its entwined lily stems set amid a vibrant bed of other flower heads. This striking pattern crafts an impactful visual experience, echoing the timeless appeal of William Morris's designs. Golden Lily presents a versatile decorating solution fitting for spaces of any size. Acanthus, another celebrated creation by Morris, features dramatic swirling acanthus leaves that form a dynamic pattern, standing as an unmistakable tribute to Morris's aesthetic vision. Mallow follows the winding, whimsical charm of the hibiscus flower. This versatile design brings floral splendor to any part of the home, encapsulating the allure of the Arts & Crafts movement. Finally, the collection wouldn't be complete without mentioning the iconic Strawberry Thief. This cherished design, richly ornamented, tells the story of a cheeky fruit-thieving bird, encapsulating the expressive detail Morris is renowned for.