embossed wallpaper

Embossed Wallpapers

Embossed wallpaper is generally a vinyl wallcovering where the surface of the wallpaper and pattern designs is raised or protrudes outwards. Essentially a textured wallcovering that is ideal for covering walls with imperfections and can be painted over. A new technique has been developed called thermoforming that has taken Embossed wallcoverings to a new level. Fabric wallcoverings are being created using this technique when during thermoforming, motifs are pressed into the fabric using heat. This results creates an attractive almost three-dimensional pattern that feels thick and warm, but also provides a positive acoustical effect in the room. The brand Arte Wallpapers are perhaps best known for creating this luxury type of wallcovering, but other top designer brands like Elitis also manufacturer this style of wallcovering, and this type of wallpaper has often been described as 3d wallpaper because of the effect.