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Zoffany Rhombi Wallcoverings

The Rhombi Wallcoverings collection from Zoffany bridges the gap between contemporary and timeless designs. Featuring an opulent blend of new and archive designs, this collection is suitable for a variety of design themes, from modern minimalism to classic luxury.

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Zoffany Rhombi Wallpapers bridges the gap between contemporary and timeless appeal, the Rhombi Vinyl wallcovering range is an opulent blend of new and archive Zoffany designs, each with a time honoured, sophisticated feel. Hand chosen colour sets bring together subtle movement and texture, whilst matt and shine contrast to evoke an air of individuality. Abstract 1928 is individual to say the least, the feature design of the collection an abstract design to create a feature wallcovering that has been printed in soft metallics with emboss elements representative of a sumptuous fabric while actually a modernist inspired wallpaper. Watered silk is a treasure from the back catalogue and gets another airing in this new range, along with Spun Silk these two give the appearance of silk texture to create a degree of sophistication for your walls. While the other standout design, aside from Tumbling blocks, is Rhombi a finely crafted trellis design with highlighted colours which illustrate the delicate inlays across this elegant and contemporary wallpaper that is also embossed to give a tactile feel. This is the first time a Zoffany wallpaper collection has been produced under the Alchemy of Colour, so all our designs co-ordinate wonderfully across a sumptuous palette of colours which have been distilled down to their original essence.