Zoffany Quartz Wallpaper

The Zoffany Quartz Wallpaper collection combines drama, romance, history, and innovation all in one collection. The seven designs are archive inspired but use new techniques and materials to create unique and stunning papers. The Brocatello Briolette offered in four wonderful colours is a glamorous ornamental wallpaper with a Baroque hint, and this designer wallpaper has the motif printed over a spectacular metallic hologram surface to give a luxurious appearance. Cordonnet showcases a characteristic flower track that is printed using metallic inks over a silk quality surface. The Diamond Stitch paper illustrates a big modern diamond motif comprising of broad zigzag stripes created from tiny, embroidered stitches that are printed over a delicate surface. Ebru mimics a fine quality marble paper with minute detailing while Ivy Leaf wallpaper has a pattern which is produced by sticking real leaves over wet plaster which is later peeled off to expose an ideal impression that is once again gilded and photographed. Lustre Tile portrays a printed design that is created using lucid ink deposits over metallic foil and displays a worn-out surface with a crackled shiny finish. Spark Wallpaper is based on the sunburst pattern of the nineteenth century Zoffany archive is fashioned by incorporating foil surfaces, metallic inks, and crackle glaze finish effects. This Zoffany Wallpaper collection is designed to complement the luxurious upholstery weaves and subtle prints in Zoffany's Town & Country collections and the Quartz Weave collection of lustrous silks, sheers, stripes, and semi-plains. Foil and light reflective papers and inks introduce a rich and opulent theme to Zoffany's range of wallcoverings.

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