Zoffany Jaipur Wallpapers

The Zoffany Jaipur wallpaper range plays on and updates a strong tradition of using Indian and Persian designs in the decoration of English Country House interiors. Rich and bold colours can be offset with subtle pastels to create luxurious interiors, and with a sophisticated mix of pattern this Zoffany wallpaper range gives plenty of options. Like Antique Flamestitch that features a layered textured and distressed ikat flame stitch design, with Antique Plain to match. Cohin is a subtle damask that uses clever layering of inks to create a soft, sophisticated all-over wallpaper design, suitable for classic or contemporary interiors. While the self-titled Jaipur wallpaper features fabulous Mogulesque paintings of Indian elephants and tigers that are set against a marbled background, and just like Flamestitch, Jaipur Plain is available to accompany and was designed using a traditional marbling technique that is a perfect complement to Jaipur wallpaper and printed fabric. Kalamkari is a one-over Palampore design that is a re-interpretation of the Zoffany classic Indienne, and digitally printed on wide width paste the wallpaper. Palme is a delicate bamboo design taken from the background of the Palme print provides a refined easy to use pattern for four walls. Which is the opposite of the Peacock Garden wallpaper a signature design of the collection as this scenic digitally printed wallpaper was painted by mural artist, Melissa White, and is of a lush Indian landscape. The final design of the collection the Pulu wallpaper was inspired by an original document depicting Persian polo players so add some traditional vintage feel to your home interior. All wallpapers are manufactured in the UK, and complementary prints, weaves and embroideries fabrics are available.

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