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Zoffany Folio Wallpapers

A charming backdrop to beautiful interiors, the Folio collection by Zoffany showcases an assortment of semi-plain wallpapers. Deriving its name from the pages of a book, the Folio collection presents seven non-woven wallpapers designed to enhance the aesthetics of any space. The versatility of Folio wallpapers harmonizes effortlessly with the vivid hues of Zoffany Paint, delivering a harmonious ambiance that transcends throughout the home. This collection, a seamless blend of texture, emboss, and metallic highlights, is a tribute to Zoffany's Alchemy of Colour. It perfectly complements Zoffany Damasks and Antiquary fabrics, ideal for traditional and transitional interior designs seeking a touch of sophistication and elegance.

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Zoffany Folio Wallpapers designed to provide a backdrop to impeccable interiors, Folio is a striking directory of go-to semi plains. The Folio collection's range of seven non-woven wallpapers are perfect for all four walls as they are hugely versatile and are designed to pair wonderfully with the exceptional colours of Zoffany Paint range, in order to create an overall interior design scheme that can flows throughout the entire room or home. Folio embraces the Alchemy of Colour as delicate textural, emboss and metallic highlights add points of interest to these captivating designs. Textured wallcoverings such as Ajanta have been created to emulate a plastered wall, and is a new take on a fresco, ideal for creating a natural, time worn look, beautiful soft twists of colour meander across this captivating, embossed wallpaper. The Piastrella Wallpaper which is a tile design, displays delicate highlights in this organic design that provides a contrast between old and new, and with a difference in colouration and indentation it creates a unique wallcovering. Tallulah a contemporary spot wallpaper which has been rotary printed with specialist inks, and mica highlights give a soft edged textural detail, perfect for all rooms. While Ajanta is a new take on a fresco, that is ideal for creating a natural, time worn look, where beautiful soft twists of colour meander across this stylish, embossed wallpaper. The Ormonde Stripe has irregular wide width stripes that provide subtle, textural interest and a smart familiarity that is perfect for stairways, and other areas of the house, and is ideal for anyone looking to accentuate the height of a room. Folio as the name suggest is a transitional range that works in harmony with the entire Zoffany wallpaper portfolio giving you scope and flexibility to create stunning interiors and interior schemes for your latest project.