Zinc Wallpaper

Zinc Wallpapers are high end luxury, essentially designer wallpaper, produced by Zinc fabrics who are consistently pushing the envelope in both wallpaper and textile design. It's origins may have some past history, or influence, from the Andrew Martin brand, but since it was formed in 2010 it has established itself as a luxury wallpaper brand with its original and cutting edge designs part of its trademark, just explore their first ever collection of Zinc Surround Wallpapers to understand, which is still very current today.

Zinc wallpaper has a seductive urban chic feel, maintained with the consistent use of a monochromatic palette with injections of vibrant colour, and these luxury wallpapers are designed to work specifically well with Zinc fabrics, and their ranges of accessories and throws. The latest collection is their Escape collection.
Zinc Textiles is part of The Romo Group. Please also note we are not permitted to export any of The Romo Groups products outside the EEA.
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