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Villa Nova Still Life Wallcoverings

Welcome to the world of Villa Nova's Still Life Wallcoverings, a distinctive collection that seamlessly merges artistry with understated charm. Inspired by found objects and lush foliage, this non-woven wallpaper collection brings an earthy, homegrown feel to your spaces. At the heart of Still Life Wallcoverings are grand brush strokes and detailed pencil sketches, capturing nature's beauty with an artist's touch. These designs are complemented by textured surfaces that are simple yet effective, adding a tactile allure to any room. Presented in homely, easy-to-use shades, the Still Life range subtly shines with alluring hints of lustre, imbuing modernity into the rustic aesthetic. These wallpapers evoke a sense of warmth, comfort and familiarity, creating an inviting ambiance. Villa Nova wallpaper and Villa Nova wallcoverings present an opportunity to not just decorate, but to infuse your personality into your interiors. These designer wallpapers help transform ordinary spaces into your own personal retreat. With Still Life Wallcoverings, experience the enchanting fusion of art and design, bringing everyday charm to your home.

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A charming and unassuming collection of non-woven wallcoverings Villa Nova Still Life Wallcoverings have a subtle home-grown artistic feel, inspired by found objects and rambling foliage. This stylised range is presented in homely, easy to use shades with alluring hints of lustre that add an element of modernity. The Patchwork Wall Mural a large-scale design graduates from light to dark down the roll to create a subtle ombre effect, with sweeping water colour brush strokes of blocks of overlapping shapes, that are boldly placed and over painted to create an oversized patchwork pattern to add some expressive element to your walls. The self titled Still Life wallcovering has several printed layers of raised tonal patterns adding additional texture which adds to the compositional still life design where rows of stylised bottles and vessels overlap to create fascinating patterns that have familiar charm. While Speckle is a charming irregular dot design enhanced by subtle areas of raised texture and contrasting sheen, presented in a chalky palette of modern, pastel shades. Browse the full range of Still Life wallpapers online and available to buy with wallpaper samples.